Construction started, completion early 2019

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  • High-quality materials

    High-quality materials

Individual furnishing standards

Our budgets are the basis for an attractive development.

Here you will find a short description of the construction for download.

description of the construction

Individuelle Wünsche 1

We offer the option to incorporate your individual wishes also on the technological side. Such as the extractor fan above the stove.

Individuelle Wünsche 2

We offer high-quality kitchen standards. You have the opportunity to design your kitchen to meet your desires. The bathrooms can also be tailored to your needs.

Individuelle Wünsche 3

Parquet flooring or concrete floors, the choice is yours.


Selling agency:
Top Immobilien AG, St. Alban-Ring 280, 4052 Basel
061 303 86 86

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